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As weather disasters become more frequent, we need to find, and fund, new solutions. We believe in a future for our region that is stronger, more resilient, and more sustainable—and are committed to making that future a reality.  That is why we, at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, are thrilled to celebrate our 100th anniversary by sponsoring The Next 100 Years Challenge, funded through our Disaster Response and Restoration Fund. It is our way of building on the legacy of our last 100 years by asking ourselves how we can best position our region for success in our next 100 years.

At the Foundation, we are lucky to have fundholders, partners, and collaborators who believe in us and our work. We know that an equitable, sustainable future is possible for our region, and every day, our partners like Pastor Bernard, Theresa Dardar, John Dias, and Jeray Jarreau are proving it. They’ve faced disasters in Southeast Louisiana head-on. They stand strong for the people of our communities and we stand strong in supporting them and the nonprofits they lead.  Together, we will build a more economically and culturally vibrant, sustainable, and just region for all.  

We are inspired by the dedication and generosity of local and national foundations, corporations, individuals, fundholders, and friends who supported our Hurricane Ida Response and Restoration Fund, including:

  • Mrs. Gayle Benson
  • The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
  • The Baltimore Ravens and The Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation, Inc.
  • The United Health Foundation
  • Chevron, USA
  • The Community Foundation of North Louisiana
  • Aramco Americas
  • The PepsiCo Foundation
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
  • The TJX Foundation, Inc.
  • American Endowment Foundation (AEF)
  • IBERIABANK/First Horizon
  • JPMorgan Chase Foundation
  • Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP
  • The Boeing Company
  • Dick J. Guidry Fund
  • Reynolds American and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company
  • William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
  • The Kresge Foundation
  • Duane Morris, LLP
  • Noah’s Wish Fund

We know that our funders do not give for the accolades. But we want to honor their deep care and conviction and celebrate the ways in which they’ve unequivocally made Southeast Louisiana a safer, stronger, more sustainable place for generations to come.

Southeast Louisiana: NOW is the time to dream big!
Andy Kopplin
President and CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation

The Next 100 Years Challenge, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a regional competition designed to inspire and attract nature-based plans for infrastructure improvements in 13 parishes of Southeast Louisiana that will address the threat of storms and other disasters.


The Next 100 Years Challenge seeks game-changing ideas brought forth by collaborative teams, and will offer support and technical assistance to develop clear, actionable plans and increase opportunities to secure the funding and resources needed to deliver results.  

In Fall 2023, Greater New Orleans Foundation will award $100,000 each to up to ten teams with strong potential to secure additional infrastructure dollars from the State of Louisiana, U.S. federal government, and other funders. Winning teams will use funds from the Next 100 Years Challenge to refine their plans and help ensure their proposals are competitive for further investment. We encourage infrastructure plans at varying stages of development, from early-stage concepts to solutions that are proven effective.  

Complete this readiness quiz and access resources designed to strengthen your solution and improve your proposal for the Next 100 Years Challenge.

Judges will measure the success of the Next 100 Years Challenge by how well teams can use this exercise to develop infrastructure plans and create high-quality proposals that address local needs, increasing the potential for teams to secure other sources of funds especially state and federal infrastructure funds.

Strong proposals will demonstrate:

  • IMPACT: A powerful vision and valuable model that will effectively protect against disasters and build stronger communities throughout Southeast Louisiana for generations to come.
  • EQUITY: A deeply-rooted understanding of needs with fair and just community ownership. Proposals should engage and bring communities and key stakeholders together to create widespread, lasting change.
  • ALIGNMENT: An evidence-based, adaptable solution that is ready to be integrated into and bolster existing efforts. Proposals should activate powerful government support and be well-positioned to achieve long-term results.
  • FEASIBILITY: A comprehensive plan designed to break down barriers and exceed projected outcomes.  They will deliver an accomplished team of leaders with a strong track record and valuable partners.


The Next 100 Years Challenge encourages nature-based, community-centered, and cost-effective projects that protect against and reduce the risks from disasters and natural hazards in vulnerable, disadvantaged communities in one or more of the following parishes:

  • Assumption
  • Jefferson
  • Lafourche
  • Orleans
  • Plaquemines
  • St. Bernard
  • St. Charles
  • St. James
  • St. John the Baptist
  • St. Tammany
  • Tangipahoa
  • Terrebonne
  • Washington


The Next 100 Years Challenge team will host workshops, information sessions, and Q&A webinars leading up to registration and submission deadlines.  

Complete this readiness quiz and access resources designed to strengthen your application by helping address any roadblocks and issues with capacity, feasibility, analysis, community engagement, and other areas that could benefit from refinement. More information about events and webinars will be emailed to registrants of the Next 100 Years Challenge and will be available on Resources and News & Updates.

You may also contact us with requests for technical support and more information regarding eligibility, requirements, and other challenge-related questions.

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